Rise with Synapse

Synapse provide the solution suggestion, services, and support tools needed for enterprise transformation. You can adopt exclusive steps and configurations according to your needs to gradually promote enterprise transformation.

If you want to succeed in today’s world, you have to constantly adapt your business. Planning for this continual evolution requires that you not only be ready for change, but that you change the way work gets done.

The digital transformation of enterprises should achieve the following main goals:

  • System integration & data unification
  • process digitization
  • Convenient mobile device application experience

In digital economy period, data has become an important factor of production, and how to use big data has become the main means to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises. The biggest feature of the business environment in the era of big data is that data is the basis for decision-making. The core of enterprise managers to control and control big data is not how large-scale data they have, but can integrate and capture through diversified data sources inside and outside the enterprise, so as to improve the efficiency of enterprise management and explore more commercial value.

We provide technical support and some white paper suggestion. Realize the value of your investment sooner, with up to 20% reduction in TCO over five years. Savings, speed, and decision-making are all improved, all across your company.

Augmented Data and
Analytics Leader

Synapse iQ series provide predictive analytics including machine learning(ML) and artificial intelligence(AI), we help reducing reliance on data scientists.

Work 100-1000x Faster than
Traditional Approaches

Synapse platform is based on the MPP (Massively Parallel Processing) architecture and has powerful core technologies, including horizontal data distribution, parallel query execution, professional optimizers, linear scalability, polymorphic storage, resource management,

Why MPP might be the right choice

Blazing fast

We uses all available hardware to its full potential to process each query as fast as possible. Peak processing performance for a single query stands at more than 2 terabytes per second. In distributed setup reads are automatically balanced among healthy replicas to avoid increasing latency.


We supports multi-master asynchronous replication and can be deployed across multiple datacenters. All nodes are equal, which allows avoiding having single points of failure. Downtime of a single node or the whole datacenter won't affect the system's availability for both reads and writes.

Easy to use

It streamlines all your data processing: ingest all your structured data into the system and it becomes instantly available for building reports. SQL dialect allows expressing the desired result without involving any custom non-standard API that could be found in some alternative systems.

Highly reliable

It can be configured as a purely distributed system located on independent nodes, without any single points of failure. It also includes a lot of enterprise-grade security features and fail-safe mechanisms against human errors.

Synapse Makes it Possible to Deep Mine the Potential of Your
Realtime Data For Making Faster, Smarter Decisions

We lay the foundation for digital innovation that promotes the development of modern data-centric enterprises.

Platform Feature


Connect seamlessly any application, device or data source. Through the integration of APIs, all data sources are connected on the cloud, local or device, enabling developers and business users to use new structural patterns and low-code visual design tools to build event-driven applications faster to achieve digital Transformation.

Data Management

Intelligently unify data for better access, trust and control.
Every kind of data—metadata, reference data, master data, transactional, and streaming data, we manage this diversity in a well-governed and consistent way is the objective of Unify


Identify insights in real time through smarter, more immersive analytics, and take actions based on these insights to make data-informed decisions and achieve better business results.
We makes it possible to explore your data—structured, unstructured, and streaming—find insights in the fastest time possible, build and manage machine learning pipelines, and deliver trusted intelligence for agile and adaptive operations and amazing customer experiences.