Analyze delivery & Messaging

Secure, reliable, real-time data distribution is a crucial part of your digital infrastructure. We can auto delivery analysis and Messaging, the most comprehensive messaging portfolio in a single, seamlessly integrated platform, is exactly what you need. Adopt event-driven applications with less complexity, less confusion, less worry.

Analyze store & Sharing

A personalized portal with thousands of people, seamless communication between template users and authors, and a growth platform for business analysts:

  • Data navigation: help users understand data content and quickly locate data tables
  • Analyze the store: reports and reports made by users are shared at the headquarters and branches, and sharing experience in communication
  • Data Q&A: users use questions online to ask questions, and provide a Q&A response mechanism

This solution is centered on "Analysis Store". It not only takes into account the participation and interaction of different levels and different roles, but also provides supporting functions around how to motivate employees to actively participate in data analysis, which has clear guiding significance for the rapid construction of data analysis ecology.